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Million Bars


Million Bars

In an age where radio stations continually play music that is redundant and completely counter-intuitive to our culture and most important to our youth – BRR has set an ambitious goal of creating 1,000,000 bars of conscious music by the 45th anniversary of Hip-Hop Culture in 2018.

If you think about it 99% of what we hear are “pipe dreams” that are only attainable through criminal acts and violence – yet we wonder why its our communities that continue to fill the prisons and graveyards.

At BRR we firmly believe that Hip Hop was created to uplift and inspire all people – not to keep them down!!! Its all about sending the right messages.


– So Here’s The Deal –

If you are a producer, DJ, MC, Spoken Word Artist, Poet or a Vocalist here is your chance to get your work published and commercially released!!! All it takes is some conscious thoughts and a few minutes in the studio.



“Just Us” Million Bars

Mysonne of New Bronx City rocking a cover to Marvin Gayes classic “Whats Going On”


– An Investment In Yourself & The Community –

As we focus on programs that empower youth across the globe we are proud to announce a partnership with The Gathering For Justice to bring the Million Bars program to incarcerated youth in the Bronx, NY. This program will focus on creative expression, industry training and economic empowerment through the arts. For more information on how you can contribute visit


– The Guidelines –

There is NO LIMIT to the amount of content you can submit however ALL artists must follow 3 simple instructions in order to be guaranteed a place on one of our tracks.

  1. Any lyrics promoting drug use, sex or violence will never make the cut.
  2. Step your vocabulary game up: Keep it clean for radio play.
  3. Be the change you want to see and submit conscious inspiring lyrics that will help raise the next generation.


– Give Us The Funk –

Beats should be kept to a 4 minute 30 second max. DJs will have the opportunity to cut together individual tracks as well as entire albums.


– Sign Me Up –

By paying 1$ a bar, so long as you follow the guidelines, you are guaranteed spot on a track. The percentage of residuals are dependent upon the number of bars you sign up for, and how many people are on the track you appear on, but based on the same 70/30 split as MBC releases.

Once the Tracks are finalized BRR will produce a music video that will be promoted through all of our platforms


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