Beauty conscious women these days think about how to make use of the natural treatments to enhance their attractiveness without any negative side effect. They are eager to prefer and use the clay mask recommended by qualified and committed beauticians worldwide.

If you are a beginner to the clay mask, then you have to find out how to apply clay mask at first. This is because a proper application of the clay mask only gives a notable improvement in the attractiveness and supports skin health further. As compared to other face masks, clay masks only get the best recognition and recommended by many people. You can explore guidelines about how to use and remove the clay mask right now.

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Step-by-step guidelines

You may have decided to use the clay mask and received the clay mask of your choice in your hand. It is the right time to do the following things and fulfil expectations about a proper use of the clay mask.

  • Cleanse the skin  
  • Apply an even layer 
  • Wait 10-15 minutes  
  • Rinse  
  • Pat dry 
  • Use lightweight moisturizer 

Many professionals in the beauty sector these days use the safest method to remove a clay mask without compromising the comfort of their clients. They make certain about how to enhance their approach for removing the clay mask and improve various aspects of the beauty treatments.

A proper cleaning before applying the clay mask is very important to remove oils, dirt and makeup from the skin’s surface. Once your skin is free from dirt and impurities, you can start with a clean base as expected. There is no need to slather a ton of product on the face whenever you have geared up for using a clay mask. You have to apply an even layer of the clay product as per guidelines.

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If you have properly applied the clay, then you have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Now, this clay mask must feel frim on the skin. You can take this clay mask off. This is worthwhile to wet a clean washcloth by using the lukewarm water and wipe the overall clay mask away from the face.

You will get the best result when you apply circular motions for removing the clay mask as comfortable as possible. Take a dry and clean towel to gently blot your skin and experience skin rejuvenation. You will be confident to recommend this approach to others.