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Beats, Rhymes & Relief is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization utilizing the arts to raise awareness and support for worldwide humanitarian relief efforts. Beats, Rhymes & Relief harnesses the power of cultural diplomacy to raise the profile of global issues through high-profile public music concerts. Beats, Rhymes & Relief is a US based NGO headquartered in Washington, DC.

As of Nov, 2013, Beats, Rhymes & Relief is officially classified as a 501(c)(3) organization, a designation given by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that allows donors to deduct qualifying charity contributions from their taxes. To learn more, visit the IRS website:

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Mission Statement:

Utilizing the arts to raise awareness and support for global humanitarian relief efforts.


Annually, the music industry spends $14 billion a year worldwide. In the US, colleges spend nearly $250 million each year on live concerts for their student body. In connecting music to social impact, the concept of celebrity charity concerts and celebrity endorsements for causes are becoming more popular, as more notable people globally are standing up against violence and in support of peace, global collaboration and support for relief efforts.

Historically, around the world, music and arts have been utilized to inspire commonality, provoke thought, educate, and bridge gaps between communities. As Ludwig van Beethoven famously said: “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.”

The purpose of Beats, Rhymes and Relief, is to utilize music to create a neutral, apolitical and secular environment to being people diverse people together united around a larger cause, while celebrating our common humanity. Music is the conduit. Through appreciation of music, we can each play a role in contributing to alleviating poverty, suffering and disaster globally.

The rich contacts and expertise of the founders of Beats, Rhymes & Relief and their direct networks will pull in diverse expertise, top notch artists and high quality pre and post-production of concerts.



10275590_10152041322461498_2577461696241085262_oOmar Al-Chaar (President) – Creative producer, editor, and director of a diverse array of music videos, commercials, political ads, TV shows, documentaries, and short films for a diverse array of public & private sector clients, including the White House, Pepsico, The Discovery Channel, and the Association of Performing Arts. Through production and film, Omar works to ensure the power and effectiveness of organizational messaging through narrative tools and cutting edge design. He seeks to harness the power of film and arts at large to support global causes to bring about peace.

ra power fist treatedRameen Aminzadeh (Chief Operating Officer) –
Rameen Aminzadeh is a Community Organizer, Activist and Filmmaker with 19 years of experience as a Director, Editor and Producer in the entertainment industry. As a Founder of Beats Rhymes & Relief, Justice League member, and a Project Coordinator for the Department Of Community Affairs for the Universal Zulu Nation, Rameen has dedicated his life to educating and inspiring young people through the arts.

While working with youth from West Baltimore to crippled cities in Syria, Mr. Aminzadeh has found that personal engagement, economic empowerment and leadership training has paved the way for many to find their path to success and happiness much like himself. As he often says “If it weren’t for good people taking the time to cultivate my line of thinking and show me how to turn my creativity into a career while kicking open the doors of opportunity, I’d be another victim of a broken system.”

Rameen began his career in filmmaking at the age of 19. As a young man on the streets of Baltimore, a rare opportunity to learn editing provided the foundation for a creative and sustaining career. With over 17 years of experience directing, editing and producing film, television, and live concerts across the nation, Rameen has brought his unique perspective and storytelling abilities to every project he takes on. From series work on Discovery ID, A&E Network, The History Channel, National Geographic, MTV, TLC, and ABC, to independent music projects and social justice documentaries across the globe, he is both artist and activist – using his artistic talents and resources to fight for justice on many fronts. He has worked with artists including Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre, The Outlaws, Nas, The Black Knights, Creed, Mandy Moore, Brittany Spears, Henry Rollins, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, Eight Ball & MJG, 36 Mafia, as well as countless underground hip hop and rock groups nationwide. Rameen’s current project is a feature documentary Get Up Stand Up, a film capturing a year in the life of a group of NYC activists engaged in the BlackLivesMatter Movement in the wake of the non-indictment of the officer responsible for the death of Eric Garner by illegal chokehold.

Michelle S jonesMichele S. Jones (President and CEO of The Bones Theory Group, LLC) – Michele leads a dedicated team that provides unique leadership training, professional and personal development, thought provoking diversity and inclusion training, youth development workshops and family leadership training. She is a highly sought after powerful and engaging motivational speaker by federal, state, and local government agencies, communities, civic organizations, private sector companies, public and private schools and universities in both the United States and Abroad. Previously she was appointed under the Obama Administration as a member of the Senior Executive Service. She served as the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense White House Liaison. She was the Principal DoD contact with the Presidential Personnel Office, White House Military Office and the Principal DoD liaison for the White House Political Affairs Office, the White House Intergovernmental Affairs, and the President’s Council on Women and Girls.

She also served as the Special Assistant and Senior Advisor to both the Under Secretary of Defense and the Principal Deputy under Secretary of Defense advising on the development of an implementation strategy for organizational efficiency, providing leadership, strategic thinking, and advice on approaches and opportunities to support Veterans, Wounded Warrior Programs and military family employment.

In her military career, she was the 9th Command Sergeant Major (CSM) of the Army Reserve from October 2002 through August 2006. She retired on March 1, 2007 after 25 years of service in both the active and reserve component. She distinguished herself as being the first woman selected as class president at the United States Sergeants Major Academy, the first woman to serve as a division Command Sergeant Major, and culminating as the first woman to serve as the CSM of any of the Army’s Components, Active or Reserve. Prior to her retirement, she held the highest Non-commissioned Officer position of any woman in the Army.


1ec8578Ryan Sherr (Marketing And Design) – Long-time social media marketing and graphic design director working in the live entertainment industry. When Ryan isn’t busy assisting Beats, Rhymes and Relief in establishing and online and visual presence, he’s running day-to-day operations for PCDJ, a DJ and entertainment software development company specializing in professional live performance applications on various platforms. Music has always been a driving force in his life, and is an experienced musician and DJ himself. Beats, Rhymes and Relief provides a Ryan a platform for community and global good through music.