Beats, Rhymes and Relief

Beats, Rhymes & Relief is a non-profit organization utilizing the arts to raise awareness and support for worldwide humanitarian relief efforts. Beats, Rhymes & Relief harnesses the power of cultural diplomacy to raise the profile of global issues through high-profile public music concerts. Beats, Rhymes & Relief is a US based NGO headquartered in Washington, DC. Read More
First annual concert will be held in Fall 2013 in Washington DC. To support the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Learn more….


Bigger Than Water provides a character driven analysis of the Flint Water Crisis through the eye of those directly impacted, and illustrates how a thirst for money poisoned an entire city, all while those responsible continue to thwart efforts to reveal the truth.This film depicts one community’s fight for justice as they ban together to ensure their survival. VISIT BIGGER THAN WATER WEBSITE TO LEARN MORE